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Thread: kerr jar questions

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    Default kerr jar questions

    Last year I called moty to ask some questions about putting fish up. Well after I spoke with him I realized there probably were better people to ask. First thing he commented on was the ring color on the lids and how not to use red ringed lids(red is bad, gray is good) I felt as he was trying to talk to a 9 year old
    Well for the past year I have looked for grey ringed lids and can not locate any. Apperently they are exclusive to the f.b. area or moty only because there are none here in the valley. Has anyone noticed a differance in quality, the red ones seem to have sealed fine over the past year.
    How long will salmon keep jarred?
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    Pay attention to how you treat your fish; don't worry about the color of your seals. I have never given any thought to the color of lid seal material, and have never noticed any difference in reliability. If you don't like canned (jarred) salmon, it will last a loooong time. I've never had any last more than a year or so in my cupboard however!

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    In my experience the red ring ones have been made by KERR & the gray rings by BALL. I have canned MANY things (except fish) and have found NO DIFFERANCE what so ever in quality using red vs. gray ringed lids.
    Can't speak for canned fish, but I have zucchini relish put up in 2005 that is still good to this date. As long as the seal stays intact- WHO KNOWS how long for sure. I base alot of my "good" vs "bad" on two basic things- 1). is the lid still sealed & 2). how does it smell when I first open it.

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    No difference what so ever!!!

    And I have canned lots of stuff, from fish to meat, jams to veggies.

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