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    Has anybody been out of Seward recently that would like to share there success stories? How has Pony cove been for silvers? Any success out at the Chiswel Islands? Planning on being in Seward mid week and hoping to catch a bit of everything, but mostly looking to have a fun trip. Thanks for the info in advance.

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    I would like to tell you that silvers are everywhere but it has been a little spotty...I am sure if you can get out early, that you can catch them in Cheval Narrows, Callsito Head, Around Fox and Hive Island. Porkcupine cove etc....The usualy locations but if you go out later in the day it is tougher fishing, even outside the bay. Seems like there are some huge bait balls out just east and north of cape Res. I don't have the time to stop and fish them this time of year, but I would think there are salmon under them.

    Should be plenty of halibut, lings and rockfish around the Chiswells, and the usual locations I have reported on in the past.
    I saw a small private boat with a halibut that looked to be over 300 on the boat ramp yesterday.

    Thats all I know for now

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    Thanks for the info AKCAPT

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    Fished Driftwood Bay Saturday 8/7, lots of boats fishing, little catching, we picked up two silvers. Sunday fished Porcupine to Bull Dog Cove, landed 10 big boys in two hours. By 10:00 they pretty much shut down and we picked up 2 more from 10:00-1:00.

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