Well learned a lesson, read manual and it will tell ya there is a grease zert on the top of the bellhousing that lubes the center bearing which carries the center of the 14" drive shaft. Mine was hidden by my coil mounting bracket. Which meant I had to pull motor and outdrive to repair, oh boy what a fun weekend in the rain. LOL
Lucky for me I had purchased a outdrive in Texas that had never seen saltwater and was in great shape. So in a round about way I'm going to be selling this Volvo Pen270 front .jpgta 270 Outdrive off a AQ125 4cyl Engine, book says 2.15:1 ratio. Seems to be tight, u-joints could be changes and water inlet neck is a little corroded.270 Back.jpg $800
I would of been wasting fishing time if I had only bought the repair manual or knew there was a grease fitting there. Lesson Learned LOL