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Thread: Pimp My 14' Kenai Drifter

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    Smile Pimp My 14' Kenai Drifter

    Hi Rafters,
    I’ve read your archives…but would appreciate some help.
    My husband and I have canoed/fished the Kenai and Gulkana 4-5 times each summer the last several years, and we’re not getting any younger. He’s been hinting (whining) about a raft for several months, and has repeatedly mentioned the Alaska Series Kenai Drifter (14’). He left this morning on an eleven day snowmachine trip, so I know he won’t be looking at this thread (he checks daily) before Valentine’s Day…and I’d like to surprise him with a card that lists his gift items.
    So…for a 14’ KD to be used for fishing the aforementioned rivers (and for doing a Copper Center – Cordova float), how should I “pimp” his ride?
    • Oar make/length
    • Frame style (and width)
    • Motor mount for the Copper River float? If so, motor make/HP
    • ATV trailer make/model
    Any other “experienced” tips will be much appreciated. I will purchase a raft from Mr. King, but likely get the accessories from ARK. I don’t know where to get a trailer. From reading the other thread, it looks as if I should get a couple different pumps.
    Thanks for the ideas!

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    Default Contact Jim King!!!

    Give Jim King a call, I would think he would be able to handle most of your questions. He sells the boat you mentioned. I ordered a new Jet Ranger from him last week. Great Guy.


    Alaska Series Inflatable Boats,

    Commercial quality at Wholesale prices,

    River Rafts, Catarafts, Inflatable Kayaks, Inflatable Canoes,

    Inflatable Sport Boats, Inflatable Jet Boats, Tenders and Dinghies.

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    NRS frames are great and parts are easy to get, lose a part to your biggie. cataract oars are light and responsive, I like the floating blades, pumps, well you got that covered. it gonna be a raft only trailer? if so, carpeted and a roller at the back are a big plus. big tires for tough launch sites, a couple spares are nice to have.

    also flip lines, throw bags, spare oar, oar keepers, repair kit, nice pfd's, dry box, anchor kit and motor frame.

    check out nrs, they have gobs of stuff in their catalog.

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    Default Thanks

    Thank you for the posts and PM.

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    Thumbs up A Little help perhaps

    • Oar make/length- 9.0-10' Cataracts are lighter and more responsive but are about twice as expensive as carsliles...I would probably go with the less expensive ones and use counterweights to ease the rowing.
    • Frame style (and width)- Talk to Jim...he can provide you with a frame to fit your needs. He is in Seattle right now but will be back middle of the week.
    • Motor mount for the Copper River float? If so, motor make/HP-Motor mount is something I have been looking at too. One problem with a motor mount on the KD is the high kick. This causes a little bit of a problem trying to get the prop in the water. Again I would talk to Jim.
    Hope this helps a bit...a raft is the only way to go!

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    Default Great boat

    I sent you a private message
    When you come to a fork in the trail, take it!

    Rentals for Canoes, Kayaks, Rafts, boats serving the Kenai canoe trail system and the Kenai river for over 15 years.

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    Default Oars and Frame

    I'll second the Cataract oars recommendation. They're great.

    Check out the Oar Saddles made by Kent Rotchy. They're compact, light, and surprisingly rigid. Much better than a conventional frame in my opinion. Marc Taylor at Wiggy's Alaska sells them in ANC and Larry Bartlett sells them in Fairbanks.


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