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    On my two hunting trips to Alaska I have been around rivers and ponds made from glacier run off. Some of the ponds and rivers were a normal color and others were the milky blueish color. Can someone explain the reason for the color variations? Is it the ore in the soil that gets suspended in the water that varies the color? Thanks for the insight. Tony

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    It's glacier silt, which colors and murks up the water.
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    These two lakes are right next to each other in South Fork Eagle River valley. They're only seperated by a narrow rocky morraine. The first is fed by glacial water, whereas the second is fed by snowmelt. Pretty striking difference in color.


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    One little extra tidbit. The glacial colored water is caused by rock and dirt ground up so fine that it is known as glacial flour. It will stay suspended for a good long while as the specific gravity of it is little heavier than water.

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    Thanks guys, and Brian those pictures are just the color difference I was referring to. Great pictures and great conversation starters when they are hung up next to each other.

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    the clear lake is symphony lake. I fished there a couple times this fall and caught some dandy grayling. a couple pushed 20 inches


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