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Thread: cleaning the shotguns and getting the dogs ready

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    Default cleaning the shotguns and getting the dogs ready

    if the dogs only knew we were nine days away from opening day...

    with that said, how is everyone's prep coming along? Are you getting the dogs out and familiar with the woods? Have you been doing any scouting? For me, I haven't been able to get out in the woods to do any scouting but I plan to get out within the week to ensure the birds are there so I can bring home some bounty.

    Any who, lets hear how you guys/gals are coming along.


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    anyone getting out and doing any scouting? I went out this afternoon to put in some boot time and I was able to find a healthy number of birds.
    I found this guy hanging out near the road:

    Banks and I walked up a couple more hill sides and we continued to find birds holding tight in the berry thickets.

    All in all it was a great time to spend outdoors and I can't wait for the 10th! By the looks of this picture Banks had a great time.

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    Drumming counts were way down this spring, but I still think it should be a pretty good season. We just need folks to hold off shooting entire broods the first part of the season, and that happens a lot.

    Still too warm and smokey as well, but a good time for short hunts that aren't too tough on the dogs. I focus on ptarmigan until later in the month. Usually a breeze out on the tundra and plenty of places for the dogs to drink and soak.

    Make sure you pack water for the dog! Have fun!


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    4 days gentlemen, hope all goes well..good luck to everyone

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    Well, I got in from 9 hours out in the field, completely skunked. Grouse 1, me 0! I didn't see so much as a feather.

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    dont feel bad we saw absolutely no grouse on buffalo mine road

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    I saw one of this years bird but other than that it was pretty slow.


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