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Thread: "middle" Matunska River

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    Today a great rafting buddy and I rafted the Matunska River from Hicks Creek to Chiclaloon. Prior to the trip I consulted forum member Jim Strutz concerning the water conditions and the time required. He pretty much nailed it.

    Water was, generally speaking, medium flow, I think. It took five floating hours on-the-water for this twenty (+-?) mile float. Great view of the mountains, glaciers and the river itself. I did this float many times many years ago. Although I now have a thousand more hours rafting and a few thousand more float miles, today the current often seemed faster and the standing waves and hydrolics seemed, well, bigger. Although the float was a blast, at a couple places I even let out one "This is gonna be bad" (and it was wet but not bad) and one "Oh Chit" (but it wasn't and we didn't).
    I hope I can find the time soon to do this class II+ glacial, braided river float again. It is a clear step up from the Kenai and Gulkana because of the cold water and multiple water hazard and constant decisions required in the braids, but nothing compared to the second day of Lake Creek (at high water).
    Fun float, beautiful scenery great float conversations.

    Everybody, every rafter anyway, should do it.
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    Dennis, great writeup. I did the same float a little over a month ago with some scouts. Had some good advice from Brian Richardson. Here are some photos of some of the fun sections and the scenery.


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