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Thread: Cheapest 496 engine?

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    Default Cheapest 496 engine?

    I'm looking to buy a turn key 496ci engine to replace the 460 I have in my 22 jet boat and was wondering how many shops in Alaska order engines and who seems to have the best prices?


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    Boone heres the skinny-- We Called Marine Power in Lewiston and got a price on 4. Then we called Ray Shipman at Harbor Hydraulic in Cordova (kodiak dealer) Marine Power beat the kodiak by 400.00 per engine.....Now the kicker hahaha.. turns out the Marine power motors didn't come w/ gauge panels, wire harnesses or drivelines, the Kodiaks did. When we told the guy in Lewiston that Shipman beat his price because of the extra essential items. He changed his tune and said he would throw in these items too and give us the same originally quoted price, I said no thank you I don't work that way. I have no respect for someone who changes their bid after they hear the results of the competition.
    Okay w/ that said... We have had major issues w/ the customer service and workmanship of the kem equip "kodiak" 496's. 1st one motor had a a obvious bad cast job on one of the risers, we refused it and they sent us another riser (we had to install ourselves). The fuel system is terrible on the Kodiak!!! They go thru high pressure fuel pumps regularly, They also vapor lock when its hot in the engine room. Now it looks like the manifolds are also faulty because 3 of the 4 engines leaks antifreeze thru pin holes in the water jacketed manifolds. In hindsight, I'd go w/ the Marine Power, you may want to find a different dealer than the sheister in Lewiston
    Call Charlie at Reynolds Marine he uses Marine Powers in his new boats, he's prolly a dealer

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    Check your PM's.

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    fyi y can get 4 hipo 460 long blocks for the price 1 496!
    Ya might look at the 6liter or one of the new deisel yanmar systems if ya have the bread.

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    Yeah the 496's aren't cheap but it would be nice to have the extra torque and reliability of a new motor and closed cooling system.
    I have the bread for a diesel but not sure I want to shell it out on a jet boat I still need an ocean boat!


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