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Thread: Why you should always get guide references

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    Default Why you should always get guide references

    Here's the clearest example I've seen of why anyone looking for a guide needs to get references and check them before continuing past the initial contact.
    Clueless guide sentenced for defrauding hunters. The lead for the news article will give you a clue about "Clueless": "KENAI -- Dozens of hoodwinked hunters bagged a measure of justice Friday in the case of the wilderness guide who set himself on fire because he couldn't work a camp stove."

    No, he wasn't a guide. But he took in more than $100k from unsuspecting victims. Some of them were probably lucky they didn't die as a consequence of his "guiding."

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    LOL that guy booked a couple hunts for me, long story but the arctilce sounds like its all true!! glad he got busted finally.
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    Talking sad thing is...

    I can see how a guy could catch himself on fire with a cranky MSR stove..LOL


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