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Thread: Hunting along the Matanuska River

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    Default Hunting along the Matanuska River

    I have a airboat and am interested in possibalities of going up from Palmer and hunting Moose in areas along the river. Have many of you floated the river hunting, and how did you do. This is all new to me, I am a new moose hunter. Also, is the river pretty rough and rocky, do jet boats go up it very far? Any general information would be appreciated..If you don't want to post public, send a pm please. I'm a old guy and looking for areas to hunt with my new toy (airboat) that I won't have to pack the animal to far. Also, if anybody knowledgeable is interested in hunting with me, send pm also. I am alone as far as hunting but wouldn't mind some company who knows a bit about moose or the area. Bud

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    You will find plenty of company in that area. Really, with an airboat, the world is your oyster. Why hang around town?
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    I spent some time in the lower Mat a couple years ago, really just learning the boat and camping w/ a rifle. There are a lot of airboaters that just cruise around hoping for a moose to jump out. The lower river is very braided w/ lots of small islands covered w/ thick alders. Lots of bears in there too, in fact we saw more bears than moose which I don't think is a coincidence...


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