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Thread: Floating the Yanert for moose

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    Default Floating the Yanert for moose

    Has anyone floated the Yanert River. I am planning a moose hunt for myself and 3 others and am looking for a good Break in hunt (Read Starter or first moose). We will have one non-res military with us. My primary target is moose everything else is secondary unless we have taken the moose and have it well under control (donít want to over extend on a break in hunt). We are thinking 2 rafts and traveling reasonably light. Any help or suggestions anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated.


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    Default Yarnet Fork of the Nenana

    I am under the assumption you are talking about the Yanert fork of the Nenana. Nice Place. You may not get many retorts concerning your request. Only Word of advise I can give you is be careful of dropping or raising water levels. Also there are several guides working that area on horse. More walking involved than you might think and tons of braids high up.



    Do you own boats or plan on renting?

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    Default Yanert float

    I also assume you are talking about the Yanert Fork of the Nenana that flows from the Yanert Glacier to the Nenana River near Denali. You are going to have a hard time with access. I only found two people that fly in there and they both run Super Cubs and fly out of Cantwell. They have a couple of dirt strips in there that they land on but the river is hard on one of them and is usually washed out. I have been told the river is difficult to travel because of all the braids and then you will have to deal with riding a fast Nenana River for a ways before you reach a pull out point.



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