Reading recent posts, it seems like the peak of the run on the Middle/upper Kenai hasn't been reached yet. Is this unusual, is the run late this year? It's just sounding like there's not alot of fish yet. We are going to take a guided trip next July on the middle or upper Kenai and can choose anytime, we picked July 26 which we thought that was pretty perfect timing, but we could just as easily come sometime around the 28th or even the 30th if that makes a difference. From the reports this year it seems the 26th may be too early? Any thoughts? We are going to take a guided fishing trip, maybe that makes it easier because the guides go where the fish are, so the date doesn't matter as much? Confused. Choosing between Kenai Cache and Alaska River Adventures which is a very tough choice as they both sounded great and have been very helpful on phone and e-mail in answering questions.