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    Default TFO Clouser

    I broke down, and bought a new rod. I've got rods, but nothing nice that I enjoy fishing. And since I had good reason to buy a new one.. I did.

    The Clouser is to replace my 4wt Sage VT2 (RIP).

    Here's my thoughts on it so far after using it for a week.

    Its 5wt, 4 piece, 8'9". Paid 225$
    -This thing is a frickin CANNON! No kidding, it does as described on TFO's website. It chucks heavy weighted flys and split shot like none other. With ease.
    -LOTS of backbone, and plenty of sensitivity. The tip is super powerful, and not soft like a lot of TFO rods. No more do I find myself dropping the tip early to widen my loops for heavy presentations.
    -It's fast, but not as fast as an axiom. In fact the rod feels more powerful than fast. If that makes any sense at all.
    -It looks good. In fact it comes in my favorite color, bright blue!
    -With its powerful tip, the clouser seems to love to stack mend, but seems too laterally stiff in the tip with a standard mend.

    I've got it coupled with a Ross Evolution lt. (great reel, can't ask for anything more). And with this combo the rod will RIP line off.

    Now the things I don't like:
    -The grip. For a rod with this much horsepower, I would have preferred a full wells grip. Even in a 5wt. A removable fighting butt would have been a nice option, but something I really don't care about, and honestly wouldn't use.
    -It's heavy. (TFO thing) But again, if you want the lightest rod on the market, pay the big bucks. I'm young, I can handle waving this thing around all day. But, it will wear you out.
    -It does NOT cast the small stuff well. Dries and small nymphs are a PITA. I'm considering buying another spool and lining it up with a nice 6wt line for such work. I think overlining the rod would help in this department. Lacks a lot of control with small stuff, can't feel a thing. Either that or buy a TFO Finesse Rod .
    -I don't like the extra stripping guide, but I can see the reasoning, and again, it doesn't bother me.

    I don't bobber fish, but all cues suggest that this rod would excel at tossing indicators, if that's your thing.
    For me, for 90 percent of what I do, this rod is perfect. In a 7wt, this would be a red snagging machine.

    Hope this helps anyone looking for a quality rod at a value, or looking at this rod in particular. There's not a whole lot out there on the web regarding the clouser series.

    As for the reel. The Evolution lt. Purely perfection.

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    I got a good deal on several TFO's and have been enjoying them. I definately overline the 4 and 5 wts. That greatly aids in presenting small flies.

    I chucked #14 and smaller dry's with the 4wt last week. The 4 wt spool of sharkskin was OK but the 5 wt spool of the same line presented exactly as I wanted.

    Thanks for the review.
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    That's very useful feedback on the light end of the spectrum. I'd tried the Clausser in #8 and it wasn't quite aggressive enough for me, so I went with the TiCRX instead. I've been thinking of a new rod in the 4-5 weight range, and you have really narrowed the search.


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    Makes me want to get a 9wt if they have one for this model
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lake creek fishermen View Post
    Makes me want to get a 9wt if they have one for this model
    Might as well get a telephone pole....
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