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Thread: Simms G3's prone to pin holes?

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    Default Simms G3's prone to pin holes?

    Hey guys,

    Just posted this on the 'freshwater' forum but maybe some of you guys dont go to that part of the forum.

    Just having some minor problems with my G3's and was hoping for some feedback.

    Here's the original post:
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    As with the other post, simms are pretty bombproof. I think it must be a bad batch or bad storage. I have stumbled through rose bushes and devils club and have kept the pin holes to minimum. Other than a hole in the waders (from rubbing) I have yet to get wet in a pair of simms.
    I think when you take them back you should discuss the fact that there may be a problem with the batch of waders the store has.

    Good luck!

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    sounds like a defect, I'd return them asap and get new ones. My simms have been totally abused since last september (I fished/hunted all winter in em) and they are yet to have a pin hole
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