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Thread: Early "bull bison" hunt

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    Default Early "bull bison" hunt

    To the best of my knowledge the bison have not made it north of the highway. Starting September 1st we'll have bird hunters on one & a half of our four tracts. I will allow bison hunters on our 2 & 1/2 tracts that will not conflict with our bird hunters. Bison hunters are only allowed to only hunt and, or harvest a bison. There are farms in the area that may allow hunting other than bison, there are also farms that allow "no" hunting! "We do not want anyone on our property, Schultz Farms, without our permission to be there!"
    One thought I have to help in keeping meat cool: lay down a tarp, cover with ice chips and lay your meat quarters (in game bags) down on the ice. Ice is fairly cheap. Since we're on the highway and close to businesses, should be easy to acquire. Perhaps Dan & Eva at Silver-fox could stock it - if called in advance. I am not sure if this will prove effective, It's just me thinking out loud. Peppering the meat helps with flies. I have a battery powered fan (8") that blows cool air and cooler when blowing over ice. I bought it at Walmart for $5 or $6. Crazy I know, but crazy works for me."
    Congrats on your permit!
    You can call me @ 895-4865

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    PM sent on early hunt
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