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Thread: Grayling off the Taylor Hwy

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    Default Grayling off the Taylor Hwy

    I have some friends coming up the end of August that want to do a little grayling fishing. I had taken a week off to go hunting so I want to combine the trip. I am planning on hunting bou out of Chicken but I don't know if the fishing is decent. I was hoping you guys could give me a little insight on what it's like up there.

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    Default Fortymile River

    There are grayling in the fortymile river. Sometimes they can be a little finicky for flies. I have had luck with mosquitos, black gnats, and beadhead woolybuggers. You might want to try a prince nymph, hare's ear, salcha pinkie, and a blue dun. I have heard of guys catching burbot out of there also, but I have not ever tried it.

    Good luck


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