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Thread: Dent & Zolotone Paint Question

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    I hit a dock the other day with my aluminium boat (20 foot alumaweld) and now have a small dent and the paint has chipped off on the inside of the boat in that spot. I was thinking of pounding this out and repainting or I might just keep it as a badge of stupidity. Is that 2 tone paint called zolotone? Anyhting I need to know about repainting that spot or pounding out the dent? Where do I get the paint- West, Deweys etc?

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    Yep, its called zolotone and you can get it at Hi-Tek Professional Paint
    2375 East 63rd Avenue
    Anchorage, AK 99507-2046
    (907) 562-6567

    Its an odd paint, its a base (usually grey) and it has microspheres in it that break on contact when being sprayed - giving you a spattered appearance.

    For touchup jobs it requires a "craft" type paint gun, they have them at Hi Tek, its a plastic gun&nozzle with a paint bottle and a propellant cannister, use the big tip. Surface prep is critical for the stuff, it needs to be ultra clean and go over it with 600 grit sandpaper before you spray.

    Also, be VERY gentle when stirring it up, you dont want to break the microspheres.
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    Better yet, beg or borrow a compressor driven gun that has an adjustable regulator at the inlet. Get the correct color FRESH paint and experiment with different gun pressures on a practice piece until you're happy with the pattern match. Even then you may want to spray out a larger area to hide the repair. Zolatone matching includes color, spot distribution, and texture. Adjustable gun pressure is a requirement. You may be well advised to ask your manufacturer what they used and how they applied it. Catalyst? Clear coat? Base coat/primer? All those may impact the final appearance.

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    I'd rethink about pounding out the dent. It will significantly weaken your aluminum in that spot and there's always a chance to crack it.
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