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Thread: Let's have a Steese Fortymile Thread.....Why not?

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    Default Let's have a Steese Fortymile Thread.....Why not?

    Bring it on, I know some of you are going up there and you have something to talk about. Rule changes, locations, equipment, LOCATIONS.........
    Really, this is my first attempt at a caribou up there. Other than just starting down a trail where there is 200 vehicles parked, will anyone volunteer any info, or is it top secret? Right now the only plan I have is to start slowing down after the summit. Pointers?

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    I was looking into the possibility of reaching the Bou via water, but from what I have heard is that the rivers up that way are extremely shallow normally. I would think with all the rain they would be a little deeper but they might be moving along too fast. I dont know anyone who goes up that way a lot so I dont have any good intel reports.

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    My wife did a 7 day moose float hunt on Birch Creek years ago, but I hear it's very commercialized now.


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