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Thread: Of Hunting Berrys, Ducks, Seals and far away Caribou...

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    Default Of Hunting Berrys, Ducks, Seals and far away Caribou...

    Berry fast to the Pickin' grounds ~~LOL!!~~

    Making Seal oil from blubber.

    Prehaps her next Canvas......

    A few days back, with the "Berry Patch Devastator" happy with her small bags of big contributions, as kids should.....

    Knocking off a bushel of male Ducks, the son brought home a nice Ring Seal. Good catch for mid summer! The Ducks were a great feed these last couple days.
    Ive been seeing Caribou, but the only three or four in range were skinny Females with shedding hides, its Bulls I want, they heal their skins faster and before the females.They will have fat, too. Lots of Caribou south of Kotzebue on the ridge tops that make the pennensula, as we cruised the inside on Kobuk Lake side.
    They were Too far to chase for me, though, the need is not that great and Caribou season is just starting. I want room in my freezer for Muskox, but drying up a bull or two isnt out of the picture.......
    So as I muck about the ladys have been at the berrys full swing, like 23 gallons Blue berrys, 9 gallons Ukpiks so far total, withthe wife off behind the old airport getting more as I write.........get 'em while ya can, and as much as you can , 'cause soon enough , they are gone.
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    We haven't even started picking berries here on the Lower Yukon, salmonberries first and then blueberries a week later. Good on you.
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    Great! Now i have to go get some,to make a milkshake! Great pics as always!

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    Our berries are about gone except for blue and crow berries. Finished with fish unless a halibut comes along. Deer starts tommrow so I'll be home till the new wears off. Been sleeping out a night or two each week for the peace all summer but back to being a townie for a few weeks I guess.
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    It looks like you and your family are having a bountiful summer and fall Chip keep it up!


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