Hello all -

Introducing our very own Rafting and River-side mattresses. We have named this model the Atigun Pad after the rugged Atigun pass and rocky Atigun River Gorge run. This is made right here by us in our Hangar Facility on Lake Hood In Anchorage, Alaska.

Pad Dimensions are essentially 6' long by 3' wide by a full 3 inches.
Actual is 77" x 37" x 3" (seam-work is a full 3" all the way around)


Fabric properties:

No stretch Polyester base cloth

Plastomer fabric is 100 percent made in USA. (not China!) USA ISO certified factory!

Military, Oilfield, Industrial, Commercial freight applications

Our first color is OD green (can have other colors made to order)
Colors: White, Gray, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Tan and Black
Multiple colored sides available!!! How about green and tan?

Cold crack resistant to -40 (spec sheet says -40 to -55)

Excellent U.V. , mildew, cut, and abrasion resistance... as well as high tear and tensile strength.

Flame retardant PVC coated fabrics meets the stringent requirements imposed by the State of California Fire Marshall, NFPA 701, ASTM E84, FAR 25.853, and FMVSS 302.

Anti-static properties.

Airline certified/approved.

Will not hold odors!!!

Easy to clean/maintain.

No-hassle, straightforward repair if ever needed.

Inner Padding:

Foam-type open-cell synthetic


Good resiliency.
Excellent comfort.
Rapid self inflating design
Easy deflation for a vacuum-sealed compactness for easy transport
Rugged, dependable design
Excellent cold and hot weather performance
Commercial quality raft valve

Intended For Use As:
Recreational cabin bunks
Outfitting hunting and fishing camps
Float trip tent camping
Riverbank lounging
Under tent foot-printing without need for both pad and ground-cloth
(will custom footprint to order)

Pricing per Atigun-pad w/ valve $265

Pricing per Atigun-pad w/ valve (w/ additional urethane ID stenciled lettering) $275

Pricing per Atigun-pad w/ valve (w/ additional urethane ID stenciled lettering) and individual repair kit $290

We have completed the fist wave. Result is an absolute winner --- I am very happy to report.

Made in Alaska by river runnin' Alaskans!!!

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