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    Got a quote for a canopy, height 5'10" 95" beam and appox 9' long. It's would be made of 100% water proof fabric, I'm told it's the best you can get, all hardware will be stainless, folds down toward back or front and has sides and drop curtain. $2700.00. We've never had one made, does it sound reasonable?

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    Well I know they don't come cheap but wow, shop time , overhead and the lot, Lugo's (JR) made one sort of like this for me the cheapest.
    The one on this boat was quoted at $350 to $400 around town, replacement canvas material only. I watched Craigs List and found one, (this one) in Seattle new in box for $80 + shipping=$120. Pic it's only Temp installed by the way
    small bimini.JPG

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    Kevins Did mine 9' Long with drop down 96" Beam very good quality material good price and fast. Very Happy Kevins in Chugiak 262-7974

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    Pic of my canopy

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    Stainless and Quality Materials $2700 doesn't sound to far out of line, That is a big project, a lot of time and materials. Look for a winter discount.
    Try here


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