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Thread: Fishing P.O.W.

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    Default Fishing P.O.W.

    I will be going to p.o.w. at the end of aug. I could use some advice on what type of lures to use,and how heavy of rods and line. Also were is a decent place to start fishing. This is my first trip to Ak.and just need alittle help to get started.Any help would be great.

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    "P.risoner O.f W.hittier"?

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    I only flyfish, so take my advice with a grain of salt. You will be on silvers, chum & decreasing size. POW pinks are a bit larger than elsewhere, but still not huge. The lure fishermen that I have seen catching fish tend to use spoons in silver/chrome, frequently with bright colored inserts. I don't think the fish are really all that picky.

    You don't need a lot of heavy stuff as only the silvers get all that large. In fly equivalents I use a 10' Tippett for silvers & 6' for pinks...occasional breakoffs, yes, but it makes the fight that much more enjoyable.

    The road system is full of fishing alternatives, both streams & salt.

    Hope that helps

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    Read some of the threads that I started. Folks on this board are very helpful with general advice. I'll be up there in a little more than a week on my first trip to AK


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