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    Default Anchor Buddy Questions

    Does anyone have any experience with one of these? It appears to be nothing more than a long, heavy duty, bungie cord that is stretched between a set anchor and the shore to offload. The boat is then released with a line attached so you can pull it back into shore and loadup. Would this work better than the off-shore bouy setup? Any advice, much appreciated.

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    You are right about how the device is used. I have one but have never used it, I got a dinghy and use it to acess the shore. I'm not familiar with the offshore bouy setup.

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    Default Depends of the weather

    I have used mine allot in PWS. Works as advertised. However last year on Hitchenbrook with high winds it let the boat get blown on shore. During bad weather use a mooring bouy. I have to say with gust in the 80 to 90 range it might have pulled a mooring bouy as well. At least with the bungy action not as much shock force is applied. I will say that it was streched like a piano wire and still did not break. Hope it helps.


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    Default While Stretching

    The thought of stretching something out like that, kinda gives me the heebie jeebies. I've seen what towing straps can do when they are pushed to far.

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    I've used one quite a bit in S.E. Alaska. Works well, much easier than other 'indian anchoring' techniques.

    The bungy is inside the nylon line, so when they snap, it's no big deal. I'm on my second one, they don't last forever.

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    Here's a picture of it in use...

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    Thumbs up pulley system

    We have been using a trick I learned while commercial fishing in Bristol bay. I set an anchor out deep with a stainless pulley attached to the anchor chain. I then have a 3-400' piece of 3/8 or 1/2" (depending on the boat) looping through the pulley and tie then ends together. Where the ends are tied, I have a tag line that is long enough to provide a decent scope for the boat from the anchor.

    The idea is to leave the anchor set and drive the boat to shore. You then clip the tag line onto the bow of the boat and can pull the loop (the 3-400' line) by hand whatever direction will drag the boat back out to the anchor. The knot where the loop is tied together stops when it hits the pulley so your scope is then the anchor chain plus your tag line. Then simply tie off the shore end to a piece of driftwood, rock, tree, whatever is solid. When you want the boat back, untie the loop and pull it the other direction. Simple as pie, the boat magically comes back to shore.

    Nice thing about this setup is you can leave it while you are out hunting/fishing and don't have to set the anchor each time. We do this a lot while bear hunting in PWS. We carry two anchors/line with us so one can stay set up at camp and the other in case we need to anchor up while hunting.

    Nothing worse than waking up in the morning to go hunting and seeing the boat high and dry because of a super low tide or whatnot. This setup allows you to position the boat in the optimal spot for water during those super lows.

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    Not sure how well that would work in Prince William sound. Seems like you'd need an awfully long bungee system to make it work in most places. I tried the pulley system for a dozen trips one season and found it to be a hassle with the long length of line required to stay below the tide line (about 600ft total to do it right). The best option in my opinion is a dingy, even if its a cheapo Wal-Mart one. I use a kayak, which is fun in itself. I usually drop friends off at shore, then anchor the boat by myself and paddle back. If the really blowing while camping on shore and I'm worried about dragging anchor at night, I'll run a safety line to shore.


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