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    Default DSC Radio Alert

    This was just released by the Coast Guard FYI for those using DSC radios that are set up to recieve DSC alerts.
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    Good info, but the link in the release doesn't work. I guess I'll have to do a little investigating to see if my radio has auto switching.
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    Press release in April 2010 copied from the PDF Posted above. Just like Gov to not say what Mfg they found the problem on, but I think this would be the very high end commercial units. But i'm guessing

    It has come to the Coast Guard’s attention that an
    automatic channel switching feature found on
    certain models of Digital Selective Calling (DSC) equipped VHF marine radios may create an
    unintended hazard by automatically switching from a working channel that might be in use at the time
    to Channel 16 when the VHF marine radio receives a DSC distress alert, distress alert
    acknowledgment or other DSC call where a VHF channel number has been designated. This could
    happen without a vessel/radio operator’s immediate knowledge and could initiate an unsafe condition
    by which the vessel/radio operators would believe they were communicating on a working channel
    such as Channel 13 when, in fact, they were actually on Channel 16. Imagine a towboat operator on
    the lower Mississippi River making passing agreements on VHF channel 67 and then suddenly,
    without warning, not being able to quickly reestablish communications with those vessels because

    his/her radio automatically switched to Channel 16 instead.


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