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Thread: Float hunting the big su?

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    Default Float hunting the big su?

    I was thinking of going to deshka landing and jeting down to the west end of the river and shooting up. I've got a 20 Ft with a 130 jet will I have any problems also I'm looking for moose and caribou. If there are any other rivers you have in mind pm me. How is the water north up the big su?

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    Right now the river is really high and no real navigation problems. Who knows what the end of August will bring though. Anything from record floods like in 07 or skinny channels on a more normal year. THe main channel should be navigable easily regardless. Your SOL on caribou unless you have a nelchina permit and want to take your boat up thru devils canyon and then hike for miles (No real bou population near the lower Susitna)

    Legal moose are relatively few and far between on a popular river like the Big Su. It just gets hit hard because of its easy access to the masses.

    Technically, I dont think your talking about a float hunt, are you? If you want to do a float hunt (ie raft), there are much better rivers to hunt than the big su, IMO.

    Good luck out there wherever you go...


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