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Thread: Replacement stock for a Weatherby

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    Default Replacement stock for a Weatherby

    My .300 Weatherby's stock is cracking and will have to be replaced. I'm thinking of a
    McMillan or Brown stock, but I still have an open mind. I'd appreciate any comments or suggestions you'd be willing to share.


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    Whatever you do, don't buy a replacement from Weatherby. My father-in-law had me order him one and it was $650.

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    I've been looking at a replacement for my Weatherby as well.
    McMillian (about$500) and Bell and Carson ($350-500) are the most common finds. I believe the Weatherby factory synthetic is made by Bell and Carson and sold with the Weatherby mark up. Midway has a plastic MkV stock for about $100 but I'm leery.

    When I finally make the plunge I'll likely get a McMillian.


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