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Thread: Chitina Slammin Salmon Run

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    We must have hit it just right. We started out at 10:30 Sunday morning and headed to Chitina. We found ourselves on the river with nets in the water at 6:30 at our normal spot. Nothing happening there, but dad finally caught one after half an hour and we decided to try elsewhere.

    Glad we did.

    We hit the new spot and started dipping around 7:30pm. Within 10 minutes I had 5 fish, and it picked up throughout the night. Since we were down in the Canyon, and we knew it was going to get dark, we decided to fish through the night to hang on to the spot and fill our permits and supplementals after midnight. We were in a spot that Hem probably would have dropped somebody in the early morning.

    My brother and I headed back to the boat launch to get more coolers, ice and take care of the 30 or so fish we had by 8:30. We decided to process all the fish right there, and by 4:30 in the morning we had our full limits of 192 reds (supp's included) cleaned, on ice and ready to travel. We didn't have to dip very hard for what we caught. When we wanted to get another 10 or so fish, we went down and got them. Around 3am I decided to fill my proxy supplemental and caught 10 fish in about 7 minutes. Sometimes the net wouldn't be fully in the water and I'd feel fish bumping it. Been a long time since I had dipping like that.

    Water level was coming down in a hurry, weather was nice, and I have a feeling the surges are going to continue for a while. We saw folks on the other side of the river catching fish, but not nearly at the pace as our little honey hole. We finally rolled back into Fairbanks at 7pm today.

    Fish were pretty consistant in size, most average size, some large and about 1 in 10 was a real nice one. We only caught a couple little guys that we threw back, and about 5 that were pretty red. My dad caught two kings when we were wrapping things up. Sure sucked to have to throw them back. Most of the reds were bright silver, and very few had any scarring.

    River is still up pretty high. I was a bit nervous running in a couple spots since the water was blowing around pretty good in the wind, and nearly all the normal sand bars were under water. Crowds weren't bad, with only a few boats out on the river. Saw dozens of people headed out on Sunday when we went in.

    Good luck if you are headed down soon!

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    That's a lot of fish...holy cow. I'd be smoking for days....

    Making me want to go for the rest of my fish and supplemental, though.

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    RE: the 3 week theory

    Fantastic news and happy for you and the crew, Jerod. Check the Planner, tho, dude. If that was "Finomenal" fishing, those were likely 15 day fish. Just FYI'n ya.


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    glad it worked out! Think I'm heading down wednesday night if I can get my gear together...


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