Walked out to Tonsina today with my gf to see if there were any fish around.

There were lots of Chums and Pinks but man were they lock jaw. Managed 2 hook up in about 5+ hours of fishing and did not land either one. I know one was a pink because I brought him very close to shore.
You could see them milling around waiting for the tide to go up, but even at high tide they would just mill around.

I do have a question for anybody who has ever fished here. When I would cast right at the mouth, on every single cast, I would bring weeds back. It would take maybe 2 or 3 cranks and then I would feel the weight of weeds.
If I moved to the right of the river, it wasnt so bad.

Anybody have any advice on which side of the river to fish? Or how to fish that area?