So, after planning a solo sheep hunt for pretty much the last half of the year DS141. My Dad has decided to join me, with the understanding that he isn't able to shoot anything other than with his camera. Also lucky hes in pretty good shape and his fitness isn't much of a concern for me.
I also think he decided to come when he realized that I have my act together when I provided him an excel spreadsheet of the majority of my gear including weight of each item. I can give most of the recoginitoin to this sight for help me plan and think of every angle possible when it comes to planning a hunt.
Luckly I have most of the gear required and have a friend thats going to let him borrow a sleeping bag, mat and pack. Told him the only thing he needs to spend some serious money on is a good pair of boots. I am going to try and tuff it out with my Danners Pronghorns. With any luck I might end up with a good pair of boots after this hunt since we wear the same size boots.
So my logistics are changing a little the only major change is the fact that he wants to do a flyover scouting trip, before we go in. To where I was originally planning on going in two days early inorder to find some rams and possiably beat the small crowd that might be out there.So now going to probably go in the day before the season, Which inturn might but a kink in my ride that I have planned on taking me in. So will have to see how this is going to plan out. Good thing theres still a month. A huge upside other than spending time with my old man is if I tag one I have someone to help me pack it out.