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Thread: Sewar Hwy Sunday 25 July update

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    Default Sewar Hwy Sunday 25 July update

    Just to let the gent driving the silver Honda pilot AK lic fnc587 know...

    After you passed that line of traffic heading south just past Gridwood --

    The old fart driving the blue and white class c rv at the head of the traffic pulled off at the Whitter exit - think he had to pee. I get irritated behind those RVs too. It is hard to see around them, but the old fellow didn't seem to think you'd be passing him - for that matter, neither did I since he was going 2 mph over the limit himself.

    Man has that Honda has got some power! I'd didn't think you would make it. Hey did you see the look on that ladies face you were headed into? Priceless! Her brakes work pretty good too! Guess any other time I'd be ROFL but not really so much today.

    That car has some great suspension without much under steer either. That was real clear when you made the sharp cut to get back into the lane.

    Oh well, you must have had a great reason to be in such a hurry. It is just too bad there is not a road just for you so the rest of us could share without fearing for our lives.

    The rest of my weekend will be great because I still can look forward to fishing with the little ones.

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    Hey, I drive a Silver Honda Pilot!!!!
    Wasn't me though.
    I'm still 2000 miles away, and my plate is from a differnt country.
    But, yeah for a 3.5 Liter 6 cylinder, they go pretty good.
    I won't be passing any long lines of traffic though as I'll be dragging my Rockwood pop up camper behind me.
    So if you see a silver pilot/camper combo with NWT polar bear plates doing the speed limit heading south between the 7th and 9th of September or North on the 8th or 9th of October just wave (using all fingers not just the middle one).

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    This is why I only go to town on weekdays, and why I drive a GMC Tractor to town for groceries. Anything less than a 18 wheeler, I win. Also I leave here (Hope) at 4:45 AM so I have my own private hwy.


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