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    Wanting to canoe the Swanson Lake Canoe Trail system. Havent been up above Sterling before, wondering what is to be expected. Are the portages doable with one person or are they long enough it takes two to pack? Any info would be appreciated. How far can one expect to get back in an 8 hour day canoeing? Thanks all.

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    Several folks each year come do solo trips in the canoe system. Its all about being careful, packing right and taking your time.
    In 8 hours,you can easily get back into spruce lake from the west entrance. Leap frog your canoe and gear a few hundred yds at a time.
    I carry a 58 lb canoe easily myself.
    I can do the west entrance to swan lake and out the Moose river in 3 days, and still enjoy the trip with plenty of camping time and fishing.
    When you come to a fork in the trail, take it!

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