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Thread: Klutina/Gulkana Camping 31 Jul/1 Aug

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    Default Klutina/Gulkana Camping 31 Jul/1 Aug

    Attempting to meet a friend of mine next weekend in between Anchorage and FBX. Anyone know of a decent campground where we can have access to the Gulkana or Klutina Rivers, or anywhere nearby within driving distance. We will be tent camping. Any info would be much appreciated. I am totally lost on the matter right now.


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    There is a private campground in Copper Center right on the Klutina. You can also camp several places up the Klutina road on Ahtna land. They have a self pay kiosk a few miles in on that (miserable) road. The road goes from not so good to really bad about 17 miles in, but you can drive all the way to Klutina Lake. 4x4 might be needed past 15 mile, depending on the weather. Fishing can be really good in there, and it's a very nice class II+ to III- float out if you have a raft.

    Sourdough Campground on the Gulkana is a federal campground (I think) that is perhaps 40-50 miles up the Richardson Highway north of Glennallen. There are probably other places too, but I don't know anything about them.


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