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    i asked earlier if a drift boat could go in some of the mat-su valley rivers, but still need a little help for researching this. My concern with a drift boat is being stuck with only being able to float a few rivers, mostly on the kenai peninsula. I know they are not as versatile as a raft or cataraft, but I like dry.

    Would my use be extremely limited with a drift boat? Or is it feasible to use it more places than Kenai/Kasiloff?


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    When you go out on the water... expect to get wet from somewhere/somehow/somebody... even if it is just rain!

    Drift boats lack versatility for the most part here in Alaska. Other than that... if you can get it there, navigate the water, plus deal w/ maintenance, storage, and so on... go anyplace you choose.

    Not much to research... if you can freight it there and float it --- a good drift boat and oarsman can get 'er done!

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    There are a lot of advantages to drift boats, but the main obstacle in Alaska is the lack of infrastructure around our rivers. Drift boats are a lot easier to use if you have good boat landings at both the put in and take out. Not many of those on Alaska rivers.

    For instance, you could launch on the East Fork of Chulitna and get out at a couple places, but you would likely have to man handle your boat a ways to get it in the water. Same with the Matanuska and some others. I would think a smaller & lighter drift boat would be better than a larger & heavier one.


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