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Thread: July 31/Aug1 Gulkana/Klutina?

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    Default July 31/Aug1 Gulkana/Klutina?

    Friend of mine wants to meet up somewhere between Fairbanks/Anchorage this weekend. He is TDY up in FBX and neither of us know anything about fishing the interior. Was thinking of either Klutina or Gulkana, we would like to try fishing for Salmon and Bows. Also looking for campsites close by either river. ANy info anyone is willing to share would be greatly appreciated as I am totally lost.


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    hey the gulkan is a good river for both rainbows and salmon....especially if you float from the lake to sourdough or the bridge. the klutina should be decent salmon fishing....and has a real good population of dollys and grayling too.!
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    Hey Aldridge,

    Salmon fishing the Klutina is much like the Kenai. Put on some 20-30 lb test mono and flip for them. Put enough weight about 18" from the hook and go to town. Watch what others are doing and you'll get the hang of it. There are several nice campgrounds down there off of the old Rich. Klutina Salmon Charters and Grove's are both nice places with spots to fish right at the campground. As far as Rainbow's, I've heard of some getting caught in the upper Klutina, but you would need a truck or ATV to access.

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