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Thread: Aaarrrgghh lost dipnet!!

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    Unhappy Aaarrrgghh lost dipnet!!

    My girlfriend borrowed my dipnet to fish from the boat of some family friends on the Kenai yesterday. I am stuck on the slope or I would have taken her myself.
    Her brother snagged a rock using my net and due to a poor tie-off system they lost it.
    This was a Mikes Dipnet with a 46" hoop and shorter T handle. tied off with White rope I guess.
    Anyway be careful out there especially when loaning gear that gets rigged up by strangers.
    I have never had anything even close to this happen before so it was never in my mind that a net could be lost this way. I guess the guy running the boat refused to go back and try and retrieve it even though my girlfriend told him she had on her chest waders and it seemed shallow enough that she could have at least tried.
    I guess i should feel lucky it was only a $150 dipnet and not one of my $300+ salmon rods or $350+ halibut setups.
    BTW Anyone know if Mikes has any nets in stock right now? It is probably a long shot but thought I would ask.Will certainly replace this net but only with the same thing from Mikes.
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    Mike's had nets on Saturday.

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    That is truly a bummer. the net that keeps on fishing . Lost crab pots have cotton on the webbng so it'll rot and quit fishing after a while. Hopefully someone found your net or it'll mud over.

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    Default netted bouy

    While dipping the Kenai about a week ago I saw a Mikes net over a bouy. Looked like a dumb place for the boat moored there to store their net and I wondered if it got lost. Next pass thru that point and the net was gone, so who knows?


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