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Thread: Off to Chitina in the AM

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    Default Off to Chitina in the AM

    Looks like the water level peaked and is starting to go down. Hem's report tonight confirmed the same, but he expects slow fishing until later in the week. We are going to head down anyhow since our schedule is pretty much maxed out. We will have 4 people and about 180 fish to catch including the proxies and supplementals. We plan on staying through Tuesday afternoon if need be, but hopefully we'll find a good spot and get'er'done!

    We'll be in a blue Ford crew cab with my camo Predator in tow. If you see us, say hello!

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    Please give a report when your finished. My party plans on leaving Thursday if it sounds good.

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    Maybe I'll see ya - I'm headin in Wednesday night or Thursday for a ride with hems. good luck man!


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