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Thread: Trail/beach riding, Soldotna to Homer

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    Default Trail/beach riding, Soldotna to Homer

    Can anyone out there tell me a good place to ride 4-wheelers on or near the beach, anywhere from Soldotna to Homer? I want to be able to park my travel trailer at a campground and ride the 4-wheelers directly from there up and down the beach, or on any good nearby trails. Any insight is appreciated. Thanks!

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    There are MANY places - southside of the Kenai River, Kasilof, Clam Gulch, Ninilchik, Whiskey Gulch (although Whiskey wouldn't be good for your trailer), Anchor Point, and of course Bishop's Beach in Homer.

    Pick your poison.

    Of course most, if not all, of those Rivers are not cross-able with an ATV, so you'll be limited to your riding between rivers, which is still SEVERAL miles. Really only two things to watch - first, the tides. Frequently a high tide will get you right up to the bluff with no where to go. Second, there are some spots of mud/quicksand at mid/low tide. Be careful!!

    And always wash the salt off ASAP afterwards.


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