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Thread: Kodiak salmon sharks

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    Default Kodiak salmon sharks

    Finally figured out the fastest way to boat a salmon shark, set drags to about 22-25#s and keep em coming in and if they run fight back and start the cranking again, seems better that doing this for an hour, it took less than 15 minutes on both that i was able to get to the boat. I trolled whole herring down to 50ft with my downrigger. we kept the troll in about 70-90ft of water next to shore. 12 ft of floro 400# test with about a foot of 150# downrigger cable attached to a small strong hook, via crimps, then atttach to the swivel of the rod loaded with 80# specra, I used my loomis pelagic standup rod and used a shoulder harness to attach to the rod, the belt was a quick clip on type with gimbal. 7 foot long snapped the rope at the scale with the sharks head still on the dock, scale read 270#s.
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    WOW! What a ride holy cow! That looks like a young persons sport I don't thing my shoulders could handle that kind of action


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