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Thread: Kodiak Uganik River Goat Info Request

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    Default Kodiak Uganik River Goat Info Request

    I have hunted deer on Kodiak five of the last seven years and finally drew a Kodiak Goat tag. I am forced to hunt in early Sept and know to plan for a cool wet trip. I am booked with Seahawk Air for a nine day hunt and hope to take a nice buck once I fill my goat tag. I am looking for suggestions on the following:

    1. Where to hunt goat in the Uganik River permit area, hunt #DG474?
    2. Which lake/bay do you land in the get there? Prefer above tree line.
    3. Deer: possible to hunt from the same camp as goat in this spot?
    4. I expect bucks will still be in full velvet in early Sept, is this true?


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    With 9 days to hunt I would just concentrate on getting a good billy. They are a shocking amount of work and I can't imagine limiting my location selection based on availability of deer. To get a good idea of where the goats are going to be pull out the topo of the area and find the highest ruggedest mountains along the bays in your hunt area and mark them. Now start looking over the topo closer to try and get an idea of possible access routes to the different high bowls and ridge lines. Next call Seahawk back and talk with them. Let them know what areas you are looking at. Ask them what, if any lakes they have landed at in your area. Take that info and go back to the Topo maps and continue to refine your selection. In the end you should have a good idea of your "prime" locations and have several others that have good potential. When you arrive at Kodiak take your marked up map and talk bout your ideas with the crew at seahawk to see what they think. After all of that you will probably do what my group did in 2009.... Pick an entirely different spot once we flew over it.

    One good thing to note is that not all areas of all bays are reachable at all tides. So if you plan to fly into the head of a bay you may have to be flexible with your flight time and get "fit in" around other bookings. But that in itself is simply part of AK bush flying really.

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    Any updates? LOL to LuJon. I got drawn from this and interested...

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    Hi HuntAK,

    I drew this permit last year and was able to harvest a 7 year old 10" billy. I'd be happy to answer any questions you have; feel free to send me a PM with some guiding questions and I'll share what I learned. Congrats on a great tag!

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