Went with my dad, who was visiting and a buddy with a boat who wash kind enough to take us out, to Valdez for Tues and Wed. We saw some of the charters and boats that were able to go out further for some of the more prime (aka Larger) Halibut fishing holes. We had to stick a bit closer, but landed a few chickens. I didn't know Skate (sp?) were legal and classified as "other finfish", much less that they tasted like scallops and we lost the opprotunity when my dad hooked into a very large Skate that was easily 75lbs if it wasn't about 100lbs. Out near Gull/Goose Islands schools of silvers were going crazy and swimming their loops. Having a decent fish finder helped. At one point it just went completely black from such a large fast school. Managed to get a couple from the schools and lost a couple. It was hit and miss with the large schools going by, but it was well worth having the extra pole in the water waiting for them to come swimming by the boat. The silvers were definately far more willing to bite yesterday when the weather calmed down and the water was like glass and that beautiful sunshine burst out for the remainder of the day.

Gull Island Pic:
Gull Island.jpg

1st skate caught, largest one i've ever seen.

Even with the rain the first day out, it was a great trip all in all. Keep the fish comin! Off to check the rivers next!