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Thread: Kenai boat launch lunacy

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    Default Kenai boat launch lunacy

    I have launched at the Kenai city ramp several times times this year, and it's great to have someone at the top of the ramp to direct traffic! However, when returning to the ramp to take out, no one has been around to direct traffic, and it turns a nice day of fishing into a nightmare. People are cutting in line, cussing at others, and generally being rude. I actually thought I was going to see a fight, but it didn't go that far. Why doesn't the city of Kenai staff the dock during all the hours of dipping? Maybe if everyone who thinks this is a problem would call or email Kenai city hall, they might staff the ramp all the time. Just a thought.

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    Hey MAN! Don't you know, it all about ME!!!!! It's sad, rudeness rules the day...
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    they must of heard you,yesterday the man at the top of the ramp was there when pulling out,still had to wait in line for 1 hr...and it was a quiet on the river for traffic....
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