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    I have heard conflicting information on binocular warranties. One of the main reasons a person shells out over a thousand dollars for a pair of binoculars is there warranty. I understand that Nikon has a no fault will replace or repair no matter what policy. I had a wind river Leopold fog up andthey sent me a new scope. I have to say i was rather dismayed to learn of how much less the Swarovoski warranty was compared to other brands. One would think that a pair of glasses that go for over 1400 dollars would have a no fault life time warranty. Hs anyone had any good or bad situations returning a pair of Swarovskies to the dealer? Mine are fine i am just asking as to what i might expect. I have heard of conflicting stories with them. Plese let me know. Thanks Chef Viktor

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    leupold is the only warranty work I have needed, they had my scope back to me in a week with a sorry it failed letter. I sent it to them with broke crosshairs and they did a total refurb job and sent the colimator results. that was cool. the fact that it broke, that was not.

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    A friend of mine broke his Leica 10x42 trinovids, on his fault, sent them to the U.S. Dealer (some where on the east coast) and they sent him a brand new pair back, they even paid for shipping and insurance on the new pair, This was in 2002. I compare the Leicas to Swarovski, however, one is German, and the other from Austria. i would think they both have the same type of warranty. I sure for high dollar glass, you can get it put onto your home owners policy, or it might even be covered, as you can see the price of European optics are going up every year, the Euro (their Dollar) is very strong there, and the big demand for them here in the U.S.....K

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    Default Tasco

    I picked up a pair of Tasco 7x50 off shore Bonuclars for my boat back in 1994 at Cabelas
    Last year (06) I was unable to get both circles to form a single circle .
    I sent them back and got a new set 3 mounths set do the same think no good !
    I just sent them back yesterday.have to wait again and sent them anoughter $10.00 for return shipping .

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    I sent my 8x32 Swarovs back to the factory due to the name plate falling off and the appearance of dust inside one lens barrel.
    They sent them back in the same condition and said they still meet the original specs.
    I used them for another 10 years w/ no problems, but felt a bit slighted that I didn't get a free replacement. Then I lost them this last moose season. Well, I haven't given up yet on them reappearing in some pack or tote. I hope!
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