My question is this. When it comes to Household vs. single person, the regular limit is 30 and 15 respectively. Double.

BUT, with supplements it is 10 extra once the original permit is full irregardless of size of household. Why?
I am not looking to be greedy, but when we are taling supplemental fishing anyhow, why not allow families/housholds w/ more than 1 person 20 extra keeping in balance with the original permits? Just a thought.

It wouod seem that if the surplus fish were around and IF it were 20 vs. 10 fish, more people would be tempted to make another run down thus bringing with them more money for the Copper River Basin businesses. Seems like a win-win.

One last thought... THANK YOU COMMERCIAL FISHERS for sustaining the hatchery and helping my family be able to harvest this fsh!

PS.. THERE WILL BE TWO SUPPLEMENTS. ONe beginning Monday at 12:01AM and the other a week from Monday.