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Thread: Best road side area for chena river?

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    Default Best road side area for chena river?

    Heading tward fairbanks later and want to catch some chena grayling. But i have no clue were to fish. I know what to use and all but dont have a good location.

    We will be up tward chena hotsprings road and can drive farther. Thanks!
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    Once you make the rec area, I think it's 30 mile or so you'll find good grayling fishing all the way up. 55 mile is the last pull out before chena hot springs...lots of road inbetween.

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    Just past Rosehip...

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    Start at Rosehip park and work your way up river. Try to get away from the easy access spots as they get hammered by visitors everyday. Try to do some walking and you should find some unmolested fish. The early mornings are the best, because the fish receive less pressure in the AM. The Kings are showing up in the upper river and the Grayling are there to feed on their eggs.
    Have fun and be careful.


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    Just about any pull off will be good. Try the gravel bar at 39.5 mile and there is a pull off a few hundred feet before the 34 mile post on the right side as you head up. You'll see the trail once you parked. I have the best luck with blue dun flies, griffith gnats, and elk hair caddis flies. Make sure you post how you did.

    It has been raining a lot this year in Fairbanks, so water levels may be a bit of a factor. Bring both chest and hip waders and BE CAREFUL!

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    Fish to be caught anywhere along the road, to be sure! For the water levels, check out this website. If it is above 16ft then things might be getting a little murky. Above 17 feet I personally don't even go, and 18 feet +....forget about it. Have fun and post a report with some pics!
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