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Thread: Shotgun ammo in Wasilla?

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    Default Shotgun ammo in Wasilla?


    Next week I'm flying into ANC then heading up to Wasilla for the AK State Sporting Clays Championship at Grouse Ridge.

    I need to buy a couple of cases of 12ga ammo.

    Any suggestions on where to get it?
    brad g.
    So Cal, USA
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    Boondocks Sporting Goods in Eagle River, on the way to Wasilla from Anchorage, has case lots at good prices. Mostly Remington.
    No credit cards and closed Sundays. Would open to sell you ammo though, if you give them call.
    Chimos is in Wasilla.

    Walmart, Sportsman warehouse, around on the way as well. I support local business.

    Alaska Airlines allows 50 lbs ammo, better verify on thier web sight though.
    Grouse Ridge might sell ammo as well, at one time I think they got it from Boondocks though.

    Good luck at the shoot. Reds are in on the Kenai.

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    Three Bears would probably be a good bet as well


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