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    Default I need help

    Ok so here's the problem, I am looking to buy a 1911, I have narrowed it down to a Kimber or a Smith and Wesson, they both cost about the same (middle of the road, not the higher end or lower end guns). Anybody have good or bad experiences with either of these two brand of guns? my head says Kimber, my gut says Smith and Wesson, thanks for any input.

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    Not an expert opinion, but here is mine. Some Kimbers, but not all, have MIM parts which are much less desired as they are more likely to fail. I have owned a Kimber Pro-CDP in the past, but let it go due to FTF/FTE problems that were not magazine related.
    I have no personal expeirence with the S&W's but they are respected by many with much more knowledge than me. I just picked up a stainless Colt Rail Gun, and it has functinoned perfectly with everything I've fed it thus far without a hiccup. Got it for less than $1k at Wild West Guns.
    I also considered Dan Wesson and Springfield Armory in this price range but chose the Colt. If you are looking for the upper class of 1911's then don't forget Fusion, Wilson, Ed Brown, Les Baer etc..

    Good luck with your search.

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    Go with your HEAD. I have several Kimbers, mostly .10 MM and I have never had a problem. The newest one shoots a 2 5/8" group at 55 Yards, with "Blazer" ammo. Am I impressed, YEP.

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    I've owned both and your not going to go wrong with either! You got a coin you can flip?

    My Dan Wesson Point Man 7 is my favorite!

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    I've had three Kimbers, the first was excellent and I still regret selling it. The pistol was a full sized CDP. I then bought a Pro Carry and it was a jam-matic. My third Kimber was an Ultra Eclipse and quite frankly, it was the worst. I sent both of the problem guns back to Kimber and dealt with Dennis several times, neither handgun was fixed, even after going back to the factory several times. Both these guns were bought during the 'standard' to 'II' time period so this very well may have been the problem. I then purchased a Les Baer Stinger Stainless for IDPA competition, absolutely awesome, never a jam. A couple years later I got a heck of deal on a Wilson Combat CQB. Wow, this one is the most awesome 1911 I've owned.

    Sorry, this probably doesn't answer your question but I personally feel you'd be better off saving a few more bucks and buying a Wilson.
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    I don't have a high-end S&W but do have a Kimber CDP II that I really love. Great trigger break, accurate as all get out. I really enjoy it. While breaking it in I did have a few FTE/stovepipes, but nothing after I burned through about 2-300 rnds. I've read that the earlier models did have this problem chronically, especially the shorter barrel versions. My impression and experience is that this has been fixed.
    I can't verify e45colt's statement about the MIM parts right now, but I did hear that in a conversation last week - it interested me and this reminds me to follow up and check that out.
    Anyway, I don't think you can go wrong with the Kimber. S&W may be better/as good as well. I'd say go feel them both out and give it to the one that feels the most comfortable in your hand. Looks may also be a consideration if performance is equal.

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    I am no expert either, but of the two I would go with the S&W. I would also consider a Springfield Armory as well. They make a good 1911 IME/O.


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