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Thread: Anchorage-Kenai River Fishing

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    Default Anchorage-Kenai River Fishing

    Does anyone know what kind of rods, reels, lures, line etc... I will need on the Kenai River near Anchorage? It will be my first time fishing there this July. I'm not sure what kind rods and reels I need, like the power of the rod (light, medium, heavy). I currently fish in Wisconsin with 7' medium rod with a spinning reel 2500 (size), are those too small for salmon? Do salmon give a good fight and drag out a lot of line, or will I be able to use 15+ line to bring one in with a good fight?

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    You will be fishing reds, 8 to 12 lb fish. Med-heavy rod with 20+ lb line, I prefer 30. You will be fishing in a crowd of people unless you are staying at a private lodge with riverfront. Kings are only an option if you have a boat or on a guided trip. Virtually no king fishing is done from shore. The Kenai is about 2 1/2 hours south of Anchorage (to Soldotna) and about 2 hours to the Cooper Landing section of river (Russian River Confluence).
    Hope this helps.

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    Smile Ditto. . .

    What yukon said, especially if you're fishing with crowds as at the Russian or other public sites. Get your fish on and in as quickly as possible . . it's a meat fishery. Sockeye are strong fighters but rarely make long runs.

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    I suppose I go against the gain. For me 15# test mono line is more than plenty, that way if I catch a snag or need to break the line I can easily do it with whipping split shot back at me. Even more important buy some high quality snap swivels. I prefer the ones with the lil spiffy bearing after the eye lid.

    Or you can use 20# mono and use a 15# leader. That way your leader will break and you wont loose spool line constantly.

    For lures I believe your stuck with kenai/coho flies. Pick up a regulation book and read up.


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