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Thread: Drowning on Little Oshetna

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    Default Drowning on Little Oshetna

    Anybody know some specifics about this?
    i just got back from 4 nights camping down the Little O. Passed a group of Jeeps and such in the gravel pit as we were heading in about 8am Saturday morning. We went up to the falls on little O then decided to head back down close to the confluence of Big and Little O where we always camp and seen the same group of 5 or 6 Jeeps up on the trail before it dropps down on the little O with one looking like it may be stuck.
    I'm thinking this was the group that lost one of theres. Such a shame and my condolances go out to the families involved.
    If this happened up around the Fall and rivine we were camped 12-15 miles down river and never heard any helicopter noise but thats a ways away.

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