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Thread: Baby Beagle=Hunting dog!

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    Default Baby Beagle=Hunting dog!

    we put the payment down on her this morning and she'll be here late friday afternoon..
    8 weeks old..
    just wondering how youd train her for rabbit hunting? just drag around a rabbit foot and then hide it and and let her try to find it? i will be waiting to do this but for future refrence..

    any advice would help, thanks

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    Search the Gun Dog and the Small Game Hunting forums for "beagle" and you will find some really good information. There have been several threads over the last year covering this very subject.

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    Default I've been there

    I have a one year old beagle that I "trained" so to speak just last year. My best advice to you is just get her out where the hare's are. If she/he comes from good hunting stock, she should pick it up pretty fast. Probably the hardest part for you is to learn how to hunt with her. I was so used to jumping rabbits myself that I had to learn the hard way to just stand out in the open and wait for your dog to kick them out to you. You would be surprised at how good they're instincts are. Check out some videos on you tube for hunting hares and rabbits with a beagle. There are some good ones out there. Also, after you shoot a hare this fall drag the fur around the yard and let her/him chase it around. Hide the fur in the bushes and let her try to sniff it out. Be sure to praise her/him a lot when she chases it and especially when she finds it.

    Good luck

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    sorry getting back to you so late..but thanks Bushwack and TMCKEE. lots of help

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    yep mine I just kept taking out. One day it just clicked in his head. A few times I thought I had a dud of a beagle watching rabbits dash right in front of him and him not doing anything about it. Probably though it was on his 10th or 12th outing, Then One day like I said it just clicked for him and he has been a stone cold rabbit chaser since. Id be more concerned getting your dog obeying the come command rather than training to hunt. If its in her she will hunt.


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