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Thread: Freshwater Fishing in Nome

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    I'll be in Nome Aug 1-8, and I was wondering if their were any opportunities for freshwater fishing on the road system. Any advice would be appreciated, and I would be sure to return the favor should you ever come to Prince of Wales.

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    Tons of fishing on the road system, some salmon and some awesome grayling fishing. Only been there once in the summer but great memories. Good luck and bring back reports.


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    The grayling fishing there is EPIC. There are some fat hogs up there. 20" grayling are not uncommen at all
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    Big Cox is from that area, maybe he can add to this thread?...I will be able to tell you all about it after end of this August! Cant wait!!
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    Right on guys. I'll do the grayling thing, as I don't have them readily available in my area. I gave a call to the sporting goods guy up there, and he said coho will be running too... but if I see another coho, i'm gonna puke.

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    Most definitely looking forward to going up there in August. There are plenty of road accessible fisheries in the area. Here is some information to get you started.

    You can fish the Nome or Snake river real close to town if you don't have wheels. I remember from my childhook hooking tons of salmon and dollies at the Nome River mouth. I think I will be lucky enough to have a boat available, so I'm hoping to explore the Sinuk and Niukluk rivers outside of town. I will definitely have a report later in August...

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